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Opening Remarks

Welcoming Remarks

Congratulatory Remarks

Sean Hong  

Alok kumar Roy

Song Jin Ho   

​[세션 1]


13:00 - 13:15

13:15 - 13:30

Keynote Speech

Kwon Huck ju  

13:40 - 14:25

14:25 - 14:50

Discussion among speakers and Q&A Session

Proposal for Growth of Busan ODA

Development Strategy for Developing Countries through Building a Public Employment Platform

Artemy Izmestiev 

Development Cooperation for Health Ocean

Challenges & Opportunities for Developing Ocean & Fisheries ODA


[Session 1]

15:00 - 15:45

15:45 - 16:10


Lee Sang Go   

Dean, World Fisheries Univ.

Professor. Pukyong National Univ.


Discourses of Ocean & Fisheries ODA


[Session 2]

Ocean & Fisheries  ODA and the Future of Busan Metropolitan City



Current Status and Development  Direction

of Korea ODA in Ocean and Fisheries 

16:20 - 17:20

VIP Photo Session



Discussion among speakers and Q&A Session



Official Development Assistance Dept., BFIC

Secretary General, BFIC

Vice President,

Socio-Economic Development, KOICA

Korea ODA Status in Oceans and FIsheries 

to achive SDGs

Current Status and Future Prospects of 

Shipping and Ports ODA

Yoon Jung Su

Director General , Busan Regional Office 

of Ocean and Fisheries

Policy Specialist

UNDP Seoul Policy Centre

Director General,

Program Planning and Policy Planning., KOICA

Cho Han Deog

Kwon Huck ju  

President, The Korean Association of Intl. Development and Cooperation(KAIDEC)

President, The Korean Association of Intl. Development and Cooperation(KAIDEC)

Han Deuk Hoon

Senior Researcher

Oceans and Fisheries ODA Center, KMI

Kim Hyun Young

Hon. Principal Special Researcher

Marine Disaster Research Center, KIOST

Kim Yong Wong

Team Leader Ph. D

KCSC(Korea Cooperative Supporting Center

for Overseas Port Development)

Kim Choon Sun  Senior Advisor, ODA Network of Ocean & Fisheries 

5-minute Speech

Lee Sang Go

Dean, FAO WFU Graduate School, Pukyong National Univ.

Song Kuem Young

Former Ambassador to Tanzania

2019 FORUM 

Park Jong Kyu

EDCF Planning and Cooperation Dept., The Export-Import Bank of Korea

Ryoo Dong Keun

Professor, Korea Maritime and Ocean Univ.

Visiting Professor / Inha Univ.

Ji Sang Gyu

Ph. D,

Korea Maritime and Ocean Univ.

* According to the schedule, details can be changed


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